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Do you have a knack for writing, an opinion, and a story to share with NewsinGeneral readers?

NewsinGeneral is now accepting Guest posts and Sponsored Posts. NewsinGeneral covers a wide variety of topics, so they can publish a wide range of topics. Take a look at what they have posted on the site; if you’ve got a story that may fit in well on NewsinGeneral, feel free to email them. If your topic isn’t something they’ve published before, don’t worry! Send it to us, and chances are, they can publish it. they are, after all,”NewsinGeneral.” They cover a wide variety of topics, and their site is very flexible when it comes to the topics they can cover.

Aside from all of that, please keep the following in mind when making a submission:

  • Please make sure all submissions contain minimal errors. Submissions requiring a heavy amount of editing will not be published unless its a paid article.
  • If you’re looking to advertise a product, website or service in a post, please email them for more details. If you are looking to just advertise with NewsinGeneral, please email
  • Submissions must be 300 words or more. There is no limit as to how long your submission may be, but at a minimum, it must be 300 words long, or it may not be published unless its a paid submission.
  • Once published, posts remain published.
  • You may submit original content, or cross-posted content you have published elsewhere.
  • You can also send us a news story (a link to it) along with your thoughts. (200+ words)
  • Have an opinion on a article that has been posted on NewsinGeneral? Share your thoughts, and they’ll gladly publish it!
  • Inforgraphics are Welcome!

Remember, NewsinGeneral is very flexible when it comes to the content they can publish. Even if your submission isn’t similar to something they’ve published in the past, feel free to send it to them, there’s a good chance they CAN publish it!


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