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If you have something new to say and can craft a high-quality and unique (found nowhere else on the web!) article about live music, theater or sports, please consider submitting your work for consideration.

Please Follow Their Contributor Guidelines:

  • Your article must be original and unique, not posted to any other website or blog (they will check)
  • Your article must be written by a human – no spun content (they will check)
  • Your article must be about live music, sports or theater
  • Your article must be between approximately 800-1500 words
  • Use of images are encouraged but the images must be royalty-free or owned by you (they will check)
  • By submitting your article, you give them editing rights if necessary and agree to not publish your article anywhere else online ever. (If they do edit an article, it is usually minor.)
  • They do not accept backlinks to: other ticket sites, gambling/casino/porn sites, affiliate and/or product pages, nor to any non-relevant pages given the context of your article
  • They do not accept articles that are inflammatory, divisive or otherwise unsavory, use your discretion

Due to large number of submissions, they are only able to reply back to people whose articles are being considered for inclusion.


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