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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it ethical to use blogger outreach as a method to build links?

Definitely. Blogger outreach simply involves working with other bloggers and businesses to create genuine and authentic content to promote your own products, services or website. It never involves forcing them to post something that they don’t believe in! In fact, the purpose of content promoted in guest posts is to provide additional value for their readers by educating them on your area of expertise in a non-promotional way. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved and because it creates quality mentions of your website. Essentially, blogger outreach is the very best way to build links to improve your domain authority and direct more traffic to your website.

Can I create one order with multiple domains for myself and/or my clients?

For sure! When you place an order with Loving DA, you’ll be asked how many articles you’d like for each domain authority tier. Then, you’ll enter what you’d like the anchor or clickable text to be and the URL that each of these should direct to. This allows you the flexibility to order exactly what you’d like in one transaction. Whether this involves multiple articles on different DA level sites that direct to the same URL or completely unrelated posts, products, companies and websites, that’s up to you.

Please be aware that placing a single order will result in a one combined charge and invoice. If you want to forward on the invoice to clients without details of unrelated orders placed, consider separating these out based on what you’d like the invoice to include.

What are the domain authorities of the blogs and websites you post on?

At Loving DA, you’re able to choose the domain authority (DA) that you’d like to target for each guest post you request. At present, this includes a DA of 10+, 20+, 30+ or 40+. As DA scores do naturally change every month, please be aware that we can only guarantee the ranking of the guest posting website at the time of placement. This is why we use DA targets that range by 10 points. The majority of the time, we do find that the websites we use stay within these categories. However, changes on the website itself as well as alterations to the way that DA’s are calculated will influence its rating over time.

Who will write the content for me when I place an order with Loving DA?

In choosing us as your guest post or blogging service, you’ll gain access to our incredible team of talented writers. These professionals have been thoroughly vetted so you can rest assured knowing they’re well-trained and experienced in creating interesting, informative and engaging posts that speak to your brand. Because we use people with a wide range of backgrounds and areas of expertise, we’ll match your content topic with a specialist who’s knowledgeable about your niche. They’ll then go about matching your desired content to the likes, needs and wants of the hosting website and know exactly how to incorporate in-content links and SEO in a seamless and natural way. Whether you are or aren’t comfortable writing yourself, our team will put your business’s best voice forward.

What will my Loving DA blogs or guest posts be about?

When it comes to deciding what your content will be about, our aim is to create pieces that educate the blog owners audience while incorporating in-content links in a natural way that’s effective at driving traffic to your own website. To do this, we’ll look at a few factors including the topic that’s covered by your guest posting site, your website’s niche, the subject of your anchor text and the content covered on your directed URL. However, regardless of what we write about, our posts are designed to be non-promotional and will present an unbiased opinion of the post subject. In our experience, this is the most effective way for us to secure great content placements and ensure that your business is presented in the best way possible.

Will I be able to choose or approve which sites my guest posts are featured on?

Apart from being able to select the DA level that your guest post will be featured on, you won’t be directly involved in selecting the website itself. The main reason we do this is to streamline the process for you. At the end of the day, you’re choosing to work with us so that we can take a load off your hands. Imagine how much longer getting your content published would take if we waited to liaise with you to get site placements approved by both you and the site owners first. Take comfort in the fact that we’ve built relationships with high-quality guest posting websites and know how to secure effective placements for your guest posts.

Will I be able to approve my content before it goes live?

You won’t be able to approve your guest posts before it goes live because using our expert team simply makes this step unnecessary. Any content that we create for you will be objectively and professionally written and edited in a way that’s properly designed to educate and entice readers to view to your website. If you’re nervous about the idea of us posting content that you haven’t reviewed on your behalf, ask us for samples of work we’ve produced for other clients or place an order for a single piece as a trial. We’re confident that you’ll be more than happy with the subject, tone and quality of the articles we create for you and the subsequent SEO benefits that it’ll bring to your business or website.

What countries are you able to secure guest posting placements in?

Because the world wide web is essentially a virtual place, we may be able to secure guest posting placements on a wide range of English language websites. However, most of our placements are focused on the US and UK as these sites generally have largest number of viewers and match the majority of our clients’ needs. This means that your guest post may be featured on a top-level domain website with a .com,, .net, or .org suffix or similar.

Where will you place links to my website in guest posts?

At Loving DA, we place your website links in the blog text itself. This is firstly because Google places more weight on in-content links that show relevance to the guest posting topic instead of simply adding a generic link in an author bio at the bottom of the article. But, it’s also because most people tend to gloss right over links left at the bottom of the page. Instead, we’ll grab their attention while they’re in the meat of the article and use your anchor text to feature important keywords that’ll improve your domain authority and SEO results.

How long will my guest blog last?

The placements secured by Loving DA are usually made on an indefinite basis. However, do remember that because guest posts are created on third-party websites that we don’t have control over, we can’t guarantee exactly how long your post will be featured for. We do expect that most will be around for years as having a backlog of relevant and useful content is great for the site owner too. Nevertheless, you should expect some natural loss in the performance of your white-hat SEO backlinks over time. In rare occasions, your guest posts may be deleted altogether if a website stops running or changes its focus. For your peace of mind, we do offer a 90-day guest posting placement guarantee. Ask us for more details.

What happens if you can’t find a relevant website for my premium guest post?

With our extensive network of quality host websites, we haven’t had to face the situation of not being able to find a suitable site to guest post for any of our clients yet. In saying that, if we don’t think we can find a great fit for your website and content needs, we’ll be in touch straight away to discuss your needs further. If we then decide that we won’t be able to find a relevant website for your post, we’ll provide you with a full refund.

Do you work with adult, gambling or pharmaceuticals companies and websites?

It can be tough to build relationships in the adult, gambling and pharmaceutical industries. Therefore, we won’t necessarily be able to help you with regular blogging or guest posting on any of these websites. Get in touch with us so that we can have a more in-depth discussion with you about your needs. We might be able to create a custom plan and pricing for you.

Do you offer a premium guest post placement guarantee?

Yes, we do. Any guest posts that we publish on hosting websites are guaranteed to be kept live for at least 90 days. This means that if, for some reason, your guest post does go down, we’ll fix or replace any links for you. However, the agreements that we make with blog owners are completed on an indefinite basis which means that your post is likely to stay put for years or as long as the blog is running.



When will I start to see results from guest posting?

According to research conducted by Moz (the developers of the domain authority ranking algorithm), it takes an average of 10 weeks for an active back-linking strategy to move a websites search engine results up one place. But, adopting a more aggressive guest posting strategy and focusing on hosting websites with a higher DA can reap results much sooner than this. Additionally, websites that are starting out on a lower page in search engine results have potential to move upwards much faster too. This means that although link-building won’t bring overnight success, working with a specialised company that knows exactly what to focus on for faster results will help you to reap the benefits of this solid SEO investment.

What keywords should I use in my guest post anchor text?

Using exact word match anchors in your guest posts is generally the most beneficial way to improve SEO and develop a strong back-linking strategy. But, in saying that, it’s important that you don’t try to stuff all your keywords into the link text because it’ll look like spam. The goal with creating quality backlinks is to include them naturally so pick keywords that are relevant but simple and easy to incorporate into your article. We generally recommend that people stay away from geographically based keywords (many publishers won’t accept these), adult, gambling or pharmaceutical based keywords or any non-English words.

What is the turnaround for Loving DA guest posts?

After placing an order with Loving DA for guest posts, except a turnaround time of approximately 30 days. This is because we follow a rigorous process of manually outreaching to relevant websites so that you can get the maximum benefits from guest post backlinks. We won’t cut corners to reduce the time it takes to secure a quality spot. However, most of the time, your posts will be live sooner. It will depend on the complexity of the outreach needed to find the best fit for your business or website.

Why choose Loving DA over other guest posting services?

The reason for choosing Loving DA ultimately comes down to quality. We know how to implement a solid white-hat SEO backlink strategy and take the time to understand what it is that makes your business or website different. While some guest posting services use a self-owned blogging network to post poorly written content on websites that only exist to build links, we conduct all our outreach manually. This means that you’re getting genuine backlinks from real, high domain authority websites that have an established platform of readers. Additionally, our professional writers won’t just stuff your articles full of keywords which makes it look like spam. With us, you’ll get magazine quality content that naturally incorporates your in-content links for real traffic-boosting results.

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