Backlink Profile Manager Software (Keep Track of Your SEO Campaigns)

Backlink Profile Manager

Easy to use software to help manage your backlink profiles.

Backlink Profile Manager

Rank a page in the first position on Google with backlink profile knowledge (built in) and a way to organize your efforts. This backlink profile manager helps you see the profile stats and data you need in order to make better informed, backlink outreach decisions. A tool for backlink organization and real, ranking results.


Client Accounts

Separate each Client in to their own segment to help you better gauge progress and keep track of each of their pages you’re working to rank. You’re able to create an unlimited amount of Client accounts.

Page Management

Each page is unique and requires a customized anchor text pattern and overall profile. Now you can easily monitor and manage your backlink efforts in one spot.

Outreach Database

A full database of bloggers, site owners, companies and services that offer backlinking opportunities. You can easily search for opportunities for backlink placement and easily build your backlink profile.

Order Management

When you’re managing a page’s backlink profile you’re going to be receiving links, ordering links and waiting (in-progress) for your links to be published. Stay on track and you won’t miss a thing.

Backlink Roadmaps

Take full advantage of our hard-earned data that we’ve mined and developed. This data will allow you to know what types of anchor text (and how many you need) to rank a page higher than your competitors.

Keyword Grouping

Stay organized by keeping a clear breakdown of anchor text categories and how you’re using them to create your backlink profile. This tool gives you the power to keep on task and build powerful SEO campaigns.

Category Ratios

Our category ratios give you accurate percentages on your anchor text categories. This data helps you pinpoint your next move to ensure your backlink profile is perfectly accurate and you’re ranking #1.

Clean Interface

You get a powerful tool to help with rankings and it’s not outdated and frustrating. Our interface is designed to make your job as an SEO as easy as possible. An effective SEO tool you’ll love using.

White Label Report

Provide your Clients with the details you want them to see. Don’t let your work go unnoticed any longer… and don’t spend any extra time creating your updates to send. Let your management work be all you need. Click, save and send.

Okay, so it’s a great tool…


We’ve found through research and practice that the right link profile (the backlinks to your desired page and their anchor text) will boost a page’s position on Google. With Loving DA’s backlink profile manager we take the guess work out of backlinking and SEO. Let us tell you what to do and give you the tools to manage and carry out your SEO campaign.


We give you the direction and you have the tool to manage your perfect backlink profile.

Backlink Profile Manager Screenshot


Not only can you see your current work efforts, you also are able to monitor proficiency.

Backlink Profile Manager Screenshot


And if you’re an SEO company, this software was built specifically for you. With white labeled reporting you can improve Client retention and prove value for your services.

Generate Client Report


That really works!

Boost Rank

Boost Rank

Follow this tool’s advice and keep track of your profile growth systematically and YOU WILL rank higher on Google for the pages you focus on. It’s your secret weapon for higher rankings. Get a free trial on this incredible backlink profile manager.

Perfect Focus

Perfect Focus

This easy to use software allows you to stay perfectly focused on what you need to do next to rank a web page. We give you the tools you need to manage the perfect backlinking campaign.

White Label Report

White Label

You’ve put the work in and now you can easily (with a click) prove it with our totally white labelled PDF report you can provide to your Clients. This adds even more value (and retention).


This tool gives you the power to take proven backlink data, apply it in an organized way and start ranking your page in the first position on Google. This software takes the randomness out of building links and gives you a clear road map and way to manage it.


Create a Page Profile

Create your Client project and then add the first page you’re wanting to rank. Your custom profile page will be created and is now ready for action.


Build Links in Order

Enter the current links you have and start to monitor ordered and in-progress links. As you add links to link categories you’ll start to see quickly where you need to spend your time.


Check Data & Rank

As you add newly acquired links, in an instant, the backlink profile will be updated and you’ll see a display of percentages to assist you in gauging next steps for outreach.

Gauge Outreach Steps with One (Easy to Use) Tool

Long gone are the days of just building links blindly using whatever anchor text you think could work. Now you can take proven backlink profiles (that you know produced #1 rankings in Google) and get to work copying and improving upon those profiles.

This backlink management tool gives you clear data in a perfectly organized way. Enter your links, check your statistics and beat out the competition in an organized and professional way. This tool is built for serious SEO agencies that want a way to quickly and easily manage their backlink strategies.


No More Excuses!

Now’s the time to dominate!



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